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hanging from a sheer cliff face in peru’s sacred valley of cuzco, three transparent capsules have been installed, providing accommodation for particularly intrepid

More recently, they’ve hailed boats on the rivers and asked for food, clothing, and tools such as machetes. People from the region say they have been offered Mashco

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Peru profile, facts, and pictures NATURE. Because it has so many different ecosystems, Peru is home to a wider variety of plants and s than most other

Peru is best known as the heart of the Inca empire, but it was home to many diverse indigenous cultures long before the Incas arrived.

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Peru clothing and fashion shown. What do people wear in Peru? Photos depicting Peru dress provided. CountryReports – Your World Discovered!

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million. The main groups are the Quechua- and Aymará-speaking tribes, but there are also some other small tribes in the highlands. Peru’s lowland forest

The Uncontacted Indians of Peru. There are an estimated 15 uncontacted tribes living in the Peruvian Amazon, all face catastrophe unless their land is protected

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Discover Nazca Lines in Nazca, Peru: Giant ancient line art drawn in the Peruvian desert so large that it can only be fully seen from the sky.

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Provides information on the enigmatic Nazca Lines of Peru and discussions on their origin, with many photographs

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