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The Tree of Life Web Project (ToL) is a collaborative effort of biologists and nature enthusiasts from around the world. On more than 10,000 World Wide Web pages, the

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Apple Tree Reproduction. As a I remember learning about Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) in college. After eating a Jonathan apple at home I carefully

How do I apply for public housing? To get a list of housing authorities and other agencies that oversee subsidized housing in your area, call the Maine State Housing

Desiring this wisdom, the woman eats the forbidden fruit and gives some to the man who also eats it. They become aware of their “nakedness” and make fig-leaf clothes

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The Palm tree has been termed the prince of the vegetable kingdom. The Palm tree is characterized by the presence of an unbranched stem bearing a tuft of leaves at

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Pictures of Trees Library, images & pics for tree identification by tree type, Photo Gallery lists Apple Tree to Willow Trees, each with tree facts, info, references

Is Love in Our DNA? Did evolution shape your taste in a mate? Take our poll. The Advantage of Sex Why did sex evolve? The likely answers may surprise you.

Cast, crew, and production information.

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White’s Tree Frog (Dumpy Tree Frog) information – how to feed and care for a pet tree frog. Includes background, habitat, diseases, and raising crickets.

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The Christmas tree: Pagan origins, Christian adaptation and secular status

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