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Teens. Being a teenager is hard enough, but throw in being diagnosed with diabetes and you have a special challenge.

Apr 26, 2016 · Teens are very particular when it comes to what they like and what they don’t like. In its semiannual Taking Stock with Teens survey, Piper Jaffray found

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Nov 08, 2011 · This article comes to us courtesy of California Watch. By Bernice Yeung. A national analysis of drug among teens released yesterday – among the

Text messaging explodes as teens embrace it as the centerpiece of their communication strategies with friends.

American teens are reporting stress patterns that mirror those of adults, according to a new survey by the American Psychological Association.

Teenage Consumer Spending Statistics: Data: Total number of teens in the U.S. 26,873,000: Total U.S. teen spending (Products bought by and for teens)

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WASHINGTON—American teens report experiences with stress that follow a similar pattern as adults, according to a new survey released today by the American

The ALA is the oldest and largest library association in the world. Includes association information, news, events, and advocacy resources for members, librarians

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Aug 29, 2012 · man Benedict Groeschel, American Friar, Claims Teens Seduce Priests In Some Sex Cases

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A survey of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers finds that teens’ research habits are changing in the digital age

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